DAMN!!! continued

donderdag, 25 juli 2019

But it didn't stop at having been cut off on that one day! A week later, last Monday, it happened again! Why? You pollute the internet! That's funny because I don't do such things at all!!!. What could have happened?

Oh yes, I installed the latest patch of Windows 10 last week. And that just resets the vulnerability of the OpenSSH folder! Immediately adapted. But I also did something else: Ziggo's Safe Online (essentially the F-Secure virus scanner) doesn't catch the problem at all. I did some more searching and now try it with the free version of BitDefender. He finds a whole lot more nonsense! They are surprised about that at Ziggo,  and I am surprised about that because everyone who works in this profession should know that no virus scanner can find EVERYTHING. Anyway, Ziggo often lacks the knowledge... At one point I summoned them to connect us again. And also said that I'm going to investigate our legal position. That kind of language usually helps. Now as well. I do know that they can invoke the "Terms and Conditions", but at the same time, it is true that I was hacked and that Ziggo was not able to protect us against that hack. Who's in the wrong now?
The next nonsense comes along: "We can see you're connected again, great!" "I'M NOT RE-CONNECTED AT ALL!" "That's very strange because I see here that you... oh... stay on the phone, please?.... yes thank you for waiting. You will be reconnected in a moment, may take a few hours, but I take care of it personally!"

Well, the fact that I'm typing this into a server located in Germany means everything is working again. But not hooray. We're going to switch ISPs! "Would you really do that? With the others, everything is slower and not fun." "Yeah, sure I would. In fact, I WILL do it!"
It will take a while before that is all active. But yeah...

Hopefully, I'm free of that nonsense now!

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