Tried all kinds of everything and repaired an error.

zondag, 28 juli 2019

Our home server runs under Ubuntu 19.04 and the control panel TinyCP. That was so on June 16. and is so now. So nothing changed? Well, a lot has happened and it's good to record it here.

I already wrote in the previous blog that I had started testing aaPanel. That in itself was very nice, but it had no built-in facilities for e-mail for an Ubuntu environment. Moreover, as a Chinese product, it also felt uncomfortable. After that, I tried all kinds of other panels. The servers of the suppliers usually state that websites and e-mail are supported. That is true. But there are very few that do that better than Webmin, which I already have. Webmin and many other panels offer an environment in which all settings of various programs can be changed very neatly. What they DO NOT do is fill in all the settings neatly based on a few choices recorded in plain language. cPanel and Plesk are alone in this. The free TinyCP is the only panel I've tested that makes a very nice attempt. So finally back to TinyCP.

You can install each panel to a "clean" installation of preferably Ubuntu 18.04. So I've reset it several times over the past few days. And finally TinyCP again.
And that didn't work...

On June 21, I also wrote that from then on I had removed the /var folder from the "regular" disk of the server and transferred it to the RAID disks. That RAID contains two volumes, which are not affected by a reinstallation of the server. That's much safer.

But actually, it doesn't work...

The /var folder is also where the server keeps its own settings. For example, the programs that are installed. When I finally reinstalled TinyCP, it thought php7.2 was already on the server and made no attempt to install it. So TinyCP was not running, but also little else. Drupal I could forget because that is completely dependent on PHP. But installing PHP didn't work either, because the installation program could no longer make sense of the data.

So I started again. Now with its own /var on the base disk. Then within that folder made symbolic links for /var/mail and /var/www to the RAID volume. That is "the best of both worlds".
And then today finally installed Ubuntu 19.04 again. So nice.

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