Vitamins for the server

zaterdag, 10 augustus 2019

As I posted in the previous blog, I was ultimately quite satisfied with Webuzo, despite all sorts of quirks. It remains difficult to master this type of complex software within a short period of time. My biggest problem with Webuzo, however, remains the cost. Based on the test, I don't say "I don't care about those costs...", it's not that good. And if I ever get rich, I'd rather spend my money on a product like cPanel, which also has the Softaculous Apps Installer and seems a lot more robust and simple. In addition, I have quite a bit of experience with cPanel from my time as a customer at Robohost.

But I'm not rich (yet?) so no cPanel after all. Then what? TinyCP works nice and well enough on its own, but I don't trust it. When that is running, my server is suddenly visited by all kinds of strange IP addresses that do pass the firewall of the router. Or maybe I should phrase it differently: TinyCP in combination with a Ziggo router seems unsafe.

Earlier I slammed Webmin. It is certainly suitable as a Panel, but then you have to know and master all the settings of Apache, Postfix and Dovecot very precisely. But in the Webmin family there are a few other modules available... I just started testing with Virtualmin, the module that can create and manage virtual servers. Another "steep learning curve", but in the end, it worked. Website created in Drupal 8, mail server with Postfix/Dovecot and it all seems to work, in collaboration with Webmin.
I was already a fan of the latter, because of the management possibilities of the hardware and the operating system. At the time (more than three years ago) I rigged the server with Webmin, as soon as there was a working version of Ubuntu on it. Then, in Webmin, I was able to transform the 4 x 6 TB drives into a single RAID-10 volume and divide it back into two logical volumes using ReiserFS and XFS as file systems respectively. You just do that off the cuff in Webmin. And that has now been supplemented with Virtualmin to a very vitamin-rich whole.

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