maandag, 6 mei 2019

OK. The die is cast and we have plucked enough courage. When looking for a suitable VPS hosting, I was guided by Google. Asked a question along the lines of "what is the cheapest good VPS hosting?" That's how I ended up at Hostnet, which has an introductory offer of € 1,- per month. That is an amount that I can spare, so I ordered a VPS, in the most extensive version available for that amount. 8GB of Ram, 4 CPU cores, 25GB of disk space. You can choose your OS from a number of Linux variants. Of course I choose Ubuntu in the version 18.04. That is of course for me because my own server also runs under Ubuntu and has been running version 19.04 for a few months now. Before that, I also ran 18.04. As a result, I now know well what it takes to set up a server. Once the order was processed, I started installing Drupal and of course Apache2 as the web server. At the same time, we also looked for the best solution for e-mail.

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