The moving vans are back in sight!

Is it finally a bit quiet on the migration front, the jitters are rearing their heads again...

I already wrote it at the beginning of the previous migration cycle: I am very happy with the VPS as it functions at Strato, but there is still a lot to be desired. And after all the adventures around the home server, I know I can find much of the functionality Strato offers me. For example, with Virtualmin, I can do everything I use Plesk for.

The daughters of that other Finn...

The computer world has unnoticed become a Finnish region. Just like Lapland, but very different...

How do I mean that? Well, the computer world has been decisively influenced and changed direction by Linus Torvalds (1969), the creator of Linux, the great alternative to Windows. In fact, Windows has quite a bit of Linux in its innards, but that's an aside...  And Google's OSes are also based on the foundation of Linux, including Android and Chrome OS.

Operating Systsms everywhere....

One day before Valentine's Day we take stock of our server adventures of the last weeks. The reason for encrypting anything was the "behavior" of our home server. It occasionally gave a bizarre error message, namely the message that the hard disk was full. Actually, that is not possible, because the only thing on the hard disk (or rather: SSD) of the home server is the OS, namely Ubuntu Server 19.10, as I reported earlier on November 5th. The space that the OS takes is at most about 10 GB.


After much thought, I finally decided to display this site in English as well. If only because the experiences I present in the Blog can also contain useful information for others. In addition, I wanted to teach myself how to work with a multilingual site. Translating is quite a hassle. I am reasonably at home in English, but I now notice that I sometimes use a very personal language in Dutch. Google translate doesn't get it, now and then. But in the process, I get a translation that I can live with.

Composer for (nearly) everything!

I used the last days of this year, which is so climactic for our servers, to introduce a fairly large change to the Drupal-7 installation on which our Bookshop website runs. That Drupal version was still completely manually maintained. Drupal itself offers options to issue an update command to update installed modules, but that function does not extend to maintaining the Core of the Drupal system. Every time a new version of the Core came out I had to manually copy the modules of it over the installed modules.

Drupal 8 for everything!

Returning to what I wrote on July 12: finally, the modules to link the payment provider Mollie to Ubercart v4 are also finished. The first tests are showing promising results. This means that I can phase out Drupal 7 and use Drupal 8 for all sites, including the Bookshop. That comes in very handy, because it makes the link with dVU/CB a bit easier. Now just convert everything by hand 😞.