Our domains


SillyButterfly manages these domains:


  • sillybutterfly.nl,  is our own main domain. Without a subdomain, it is the publisher's website. There are currently two subdomains active:
  • bolliepollie.nl, special site for the books about the gnomes "Bollie and Pollie"
  • erbenet.nl. A very old domain name from the time we went through life as "consultancy bureau Èrbé" and later "IT bureau RB Plus". The computers of the Chamber of Commerce know no accents, hence the renaming. During the migration to "Robohost" the function of this domain was partly taken over by sbgs.nl, but from the migration to "Strato" this became the main domain again, during the subsequent migration SBGS.NL was again the main domain. These two domains switch roles with each migration.
    There are a number of subdomains under this domain:
    • ajna.erbenet.nl, the site of Healingpraktijk Ajna. Started out as ajna.nu. After all sorts of troubles, we had to give up that domain name. And then it's handy (and affordable) if you have another coat rack within reach...
    • aenr.erbenet.nl will be the site where private information of Anja Vijfhuizen and Richard van Dijk will be kept. Due to its private nature, this has a low priority. For the time being, this domain automatically links to thuis.erbenet.nl, or to our home.
    • server.erbenet.nl, this site.
  • SGBS.NL, our main domain if Erbenet.NL is not (see above). It otherwise leads a rather dormant existence.
  • tuintotaalhoveniers.nl, domain of a young gardening company with which we have close ties. The website of this domain is still very inactive, initially, it was mainly about the e-mail.