Our Blog about choosing, setting up, and maintaining an internet server and other IT issues we encounter during our activities.

We make these pages for ourselves, initially. By making a good note of everything you can encounter during a migration, you avoid encountering the same problems next time. Or rather: that next time you make the same choices that (in retrospect) were unwise. Besides, maybe someone else can learn something from it too...

We keep track of this in the form of a blog. Technical language will be inevitable, and will usually not be explained. Server management is primarily a technical matter, which should be left to those who understand the technology.

At the top of each contribution is the date on which that contribution was posted. This also positions the contributions in time. For example, if I write somewhere about certain software that "it has a steep learning curve", that is an opinion that I had at that point in time, not a recommendation that always applies to everyone. As an example, I couldn't imagine a life without Virtualmin now, while I had to take quite some time to discover that fact.

The "browsing" through the blog entries is done with the help of the Flippy module. This module allows users to define terms like first, previous, next, last for any version they want. But that doesn't count as translatable texts. And you won't just find something that can be used in both Dutch and English. That is why the blogs now contain the following links: ≤≤≤≤≤≤    ≤≤  ≥≥  ≥≥≥≥≥≥, with the same meaning...

Remarks about a blog, or questions? Mail to serverblog@erbenet.nl.


Datum Titel
In the beginning...
Strato restart
Migration without migraine
Domain transferred!
Mail explosion!
Hooray for Plesk!
Progress by standing still
Welcome Bollie and Pollie!
Silly Butterflies fluttering around again
Fair is fair...
In the Disco! Yeah!
DAMN!!! continued
Tried all kinds of everything and repaired an error.
Webuzo it is (for now!)
Vitamins for the server