dinsdag, 7 mei 2019

Today I spent a few hours installing and testing the Hostnet VPS. But meanwhile, it starts to gnaw. The Hostnet subscription is indeed € 1,- ex VAT. But that's only the first month, and after that, it jumps to €30 per month. That is a significant increase, compared to the € 35 per year I currently pay at Robohost. So I searched a little further... after all, Hostnet can be canceled per month. And then I end up with Strato. They also have an introductory offer of € 1,- per month. But that is for the first 6 months, after which it jumps to € 15 per month. That is € 96 (incl. VAT) for the first year. And that with a VPS that also has 8GB of RAM with 4 cores, but with 400GB of disk space. That is a much nicer offer than with Hostnet and it doesn't matter to me that the server is located in Germany, even if it was on the other side of the world! In the meantime, it is also clear to me that Strato is not the cheapest, especially after the first year, but it does have a good name. We can continue our search at our leisure in the coming year, and my first experiences are that it doesn't matter where the server is, although I do have a preference for Europe because that's where our customers are and they get their information a fraction faster.

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