Farewell to Strato....

donderdag, 7 mei 2020

A year (and two days) after we embarked on the Grand Adventure of server migration, there's a moment to pause. And there is reason to look back. As of today, our subscription to a VPS at Strato has ended. Almost everything was already transferred to our new setup. And from today this also applies to the website and e-mail of Camping "de Vuurplaats". That (of course...) didn't go right the first time, but nobody made a fuss about it, and the second attempt succeeded perfectly!

And that completes the circle and ends the path. We have now arrived at the desired setup: the registration of the domains is with a different provider than where the websites are stored. The e-mail is with the provider where the domains are defined, but that is not a strict necessity and can be changed just like that. This setup is very flexible for us, easy to manage, and runs like a charm.

And what are we going to come up with after this?

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